Distance and In Person Holy Fire II Reiki Healing

I offer Distance/In-Person Healing and Visionary Reiki. I use additional visions as I am offered. Sometimes this information is from the past or the future, but it is given out of some importance for my client. It is up to my client to choose to use the information or not.

I have found that the Visionary gift is well received and has been very helpful to most. The healing comes from both the Reiki healing energy as well as the vision work. It all comes from the same loving source.

I also offer Meditation candles and Quartz, feldspar, and Quartz with Tourmaline rocks for those that enjoy meditating with healing gem stones.

Distance and In Person Energy Healing

Service A

I offer Holy Fire Reiki II energy healing with prayers of love said before the session. Sessions can be either Distance or in person. I incorporate a few candles as well as some crystals as per the intention and focus of the particular needs of my client.

Energy Healing is about a Collaboration between Heaven and Earth.

Service B

I enjoy doing a set of 3 sessions as it seems to me that this number of sessions works the best. I still charge the same as I would for ONE session. I only charge $15. for this service for now. I plan to increase my rate to $35 by the end of the year.

Quartz, feldspar, and Candles

Service C

I love being able to offer folks the beautiful Quartz rocks, feldspar and quartz with tourmaline within it. These rocks hold healing properties to their holders. They are also pleasing to the eye. I made candles in the past and grew dispassionate with it since I live at an altitude that causes issues with air pockets between the glass and the wax but I will offer candles to those who are not bothered by slight imperfections. Candles are so important to those who meditate so they are offered for my dear clients.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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