Fun Moments to Share

The other early evening as the sun had just set. Outlines were still just visible to the attuned eye I was made aware by our trusty driveway doorbell that we had some sort of visitor at the far end of our wooded 7 acre property. I always love a glimpse of the neighborhood bear or the herd of nearby deer so I grabbed my sheltering warm coat by the door and rushed out to see what was a wondering outside. I also grabbed my long, trusty walking stick in case it was the not so friendly mountain lion looming out in shaded early evening light. As if my walking stick would be a terrific deterrent. I got a bit out there and wow, there she was right there in my face, a doe. It was darker than I had anticipated so we got a bit closer than I had expected. So glad she was a deer. I apologized for any fear I caused her and then noticed she was not alone, there were several others behind her. I let them know the bird bath was full and they could help themselves to it and I turned to walk towards the house and my husband was there wondering what fool thing I was up to out there in the dark woods and I motioned for him to be quiet so as not to frighten them away. He asked, “What are you doing now?” I found that a funny question? He motioned for me to look backwards so I did so and to my astonishment the deer had followed right behind me and were already drinking at the bird bath spa we had set up. What he had seen was a herd of deer walking single file behind me up to the water bowls. You see our driveway is a long dirt and meandering one at that. They were not at all afraid of me and took me up on my invite right away, unbeknownst to me. He let out a slight giggle due to the sight of the deer parade that I had led back to our home. It was a fun feeling to know that they felt so comfortable to just follow right behind me towards our house in the dark. How fun.

Our driveway takes a dive downward to the left of image.
Our deer herd

Published by peacepawz

I have fluttered about in several different but rather related industries searching for what is best for my soul purpose. Despite some physical set backs I have managed to graduate with honors and worked as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, as a Speech Language Assistant before exiting the formal work field. Then I started creating Candles and soaps and various other items as Rocky Path and loved doing that but it didn't really cover the bills enough. Several back surgeries later I'm still above ground and finding new ways to be of service to this planet. I have been told I could work as a healer with the ability I possess. Well that sounded great to me. So I embarked upon that journey, first towards Shamanic practice and eventually angling towards the Reiki energy healing that I found was a beautiful soul fit. I gained my First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner certificate the 23rd of Feb. 2020 and have used it constantly ever since. I find it is a informational art form with gifts that transcend what we think of as possible.

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