Exciting News!

Yesterday I started to have the background sensation of the dreaded Migraine. Many out there suffer from this awful offense to life itself. The terrible all too real sense of dread starts to drift over me as if from a distant forest fire and the possible threat it brings. It’s tentacles reaching across my doomed forehead and down over the back of my head as if it’s ready to strangle any life I have left. Yet, this is the very time that is also the opportunity to stop the beast from defeating me. I have some time when it is just starting to affect me when I can possibly stop it. Who will win the battle? Now that I have a new tool in my tool kit, I decided to quickly get it out. I used energy Reiki. It was a bit harder to use the self Reiki when I had the background migraine going but I worked at using my focus and letting the Universal Life Force to help me. At first I didn’t notice a change, but about 2 hours later, the migraine was gone! I had not taken my usual migraine medications to stop it! This is thrilling news for me and also for those out there that also suffer from severe migraines. Mine are so bad that I have to take a preventative medication daily, as well as a medication for breakthrough meds. I still have about 15 to 20 days a month of headache’s. These headaches are not the severe migraines that I used to get without all the medication help. I still can end up in the ER for this monster of an illness about 2 to 3 times a year. So now with this new tool, perhaps I will have some better relief options!

This is me, thinking should I hit my head against a wall, go to bed for the rest of the day, or try, Self Reiki? I tried Self Reiki, oh joy!

Published by peacepawz

I have fluttered about in several different but rather related industries searching for what is best for my soul purpose. Despite some physical set backs I have managed to graduate with honors and worked as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, as a Speech Language Assistant before exiting the formal work field. Then I started creating Candles and soaps and various other items as Rocky Path and loved doing that but it didn't really cover the bills enough. Several back surgeries later I'm still above ground and finding new ways to be of service to this planet. I have been told I could work as a healer with the ability I possess. Well that sounded great to me. So I embarked upon that journey, first towards Shamanic practice and eventually angling towards the Reiki energy healing that I found was a beautiful soul fit. I gained my First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner certificate the 23rd of Feb. 2020 and have used it constantly ever since. I find it is a informational art form with gifts that transcend what we think of as possible.

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