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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On December 21, 2022

Place of Peace – Visionary Reiki – Dawn Pollock

Place of Peace - Visionary Reiki - Dawn Pollock

Dawn Pollock from Place of Peace – Visionary Reiki gives MysticMag a glimpse into her world of Reiki and energy healing.

How would you describe Place of Peace Visionary Reiki to our readers?

Place of Peace Visionary Reiki is about finding innovative, and gentle ways to allow an individual to reach a feeling of wholeness and health. How this is attained is through divine guidance through reiki and bioenergetics.

What other modalities do you work with?

I love to blend the encouraging, positive and empowering energies of crystals in my reiki sessions. I will also do some inner child work when called to do so as I focus on trauma in so many cases. This is my main area of focus and specialty. As a survivor myself, I have a sense of when someone is experiencing issues that could be related to a trauma block of their possible harsh past.
I find inner child work brings survivors more in touch with the core inner issues they may be facing in a loving and self-empowering way. We may work on some deprogramming of the past self-beliefs and fears which leads into the strengthening work of reprogramming to help to uplift and empower one’s being and soul with new concepts and beliefs that they can gently incorporate over time as they are ready to do so.
I feel that all is meant to be done in baby steps as a person or animal is ready to move forward. Bioenergetics is more of a physics type of modality, but it also works on the same principle of moving at the pace that is for the highest good of the person or animal at any given moment in time. We all learn at our own speed or need so to speak. All comes in its own divine timing.
The bioenergetics employs a 15 second scan of a person’s energy field to find energy blocks or distortions. Once located we can then recommend various courses of action to support a person’s highest good concerning their health and wellness. That can look like exercise, movement, diet changes, adding imprinted water, meditations, etc… If a person signs up for a Free account, they will immediately have access to some wonderful meditations, free imprinted music and access to articles and purchase some awesome books. Usually, folks will notice an improvement in a few weeks if not a few days in some cases. For me in my case, I took a few weeks due to the trauma I needed to work out of my system.

What is the White Light Universal Energy Force, and can it be used in a positive and/or negative way?

This Universal Energy Force or Chi is a divine energy flow. Chi alone is energy, with White Light is the Love guided aspect that Reiki is known for. Reiki is using the Chi energy force and guiding it with the Rei or spiritual consciousness. I call it the loving flow of creation. So together Reiki is the Universal force guided by spiritual consciousness in a loving flow of energy. So, this energy can never be used in a negative way as it is coming from and guided from spiritual consciousness or Love. There is no ego involved with Reiki. As I start my sessions, I move my own ego to the side. If I feel at any point in a Reiki session that my ego has come into the session, I go back to the beginning of my session and restart. It’s a reboot so to speak. There can only be Reiki energy flowing and not my own flowing for a session to be accurate. It is truly a sacred space held for every client.
Reiki is a very loving journey. You may have a healing that seems to answer something other than what your original intent was for the reading. However, the loving Universe holds answers we can’t know or understand at the time yet it’s important to know that the Universe is not on a linear timeline like we are in this lifetime. I’ve had clients call me weeks later in excitement saying the reading/healing was just what they needed at that time in their life!

What advice do you have for our readers contemplating embarking on a journey of Reiki and healing?

We are all healed of things as we can and are ready to be healed of them. There is a certain synergy to the timing of things.
There is a time for all things, all things that we go through are perfect is what I’m coming to understand more and more each day. I’m learning to become more aware each day.
Our potentials are so infinite. The best step any of us can take is first to truly start to love and forgive ourselves and the rest will begin to fall into place. If you feel moved to give Reiki healing a try there was a reason you were drawn to it…
I want your readers to know that you are never alone on this journey. Always ask out loud for the help that you seek. Special note: Ask for the help from high frequency energies. Follow your inner guidance. If you feel drawn to Reiki or any of the energy healing modalities, then there is a reason. Science is now finding out that there is so much evidence to how powerful our energy fields are, and that biochemistry is not the only way to heal our bodies. There is also bioenergetics or the healing of our energy fields. We can work together to bring about wellness.

If you would like to find out more about Dawn Pollock, visit

Please sign up for a FREE bioenergetics account today to have access to soothing free meditations, free imprinted energetic music as well as the option to have your energy field scanned for any blockages. Just let me know if you would like a health scan and we can set this up for you once you set up your free bioenergetics account at: scanwithdawn

If you have any issues with signing up with me, just give me an email and I can help you out. Message regards line: account sign up. email is:

An update: I now am working as a Reiki master in the field as well as a Bioenergetics Health coach/Life coach. Thank you so much for your visit. Happy Holidays

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I have fluttered about in several different but rather related industries searching for what is best for my soul purpose. Despite some physical set backs I have managed to graduate with honors and worked as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, as a Speech Language Assistant before exiting the formal work field. Then I started creating Candles and soaps and various other items as Rocky Path and loved doing that but it didn't really cover the bills enough. Several back surgeries later I'm still above ground and finding new ways to be of service to this planet. I have been told I could work as a healer with the ability I possess. Well that sounded great to me. So I embarked upon that journey, first towards Shamanic practice and eventually angling towards the Reiki energy healing that I found was a beautiful soul fit. I gained my First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner certificate the 23rd of Feb. 2020 and have used it constantly ever since. I find it is a informational art form with gifts that transcend what we think of as possible.

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