I am deeply honored that my dear client took so much of her precious time to write this beautiful and heartfelt testimonial for me. It means the world to me that the work that I am currently doing is helping to make a difference. I have been guided to be in this line of work as one of the many energy healers on our wonderous planet. I stepped away from the Ultra Sound field to go back to school in the area of speech language. My work as a Speech Language Assistant later was unfortunately brought to an abrupt end by an mysterious disability. Reiki healing, really found me and has in fact started to heal me 1st, and now I am able to reach out and help others. I’m again, so grateful for Zahna’s testimonial. I know the retail business she is in takes up an incredible amount of her time along with being artful at Tai Chi and her work in the martial arts. So indeed I am honored.

Below is Zahna Soule’s testimony:

There are times when we literally do not know “what ails us”. I work retail. I contacted Dawn for Reiki last December as – given the current health crisis of covid-19; the combined effect of exposure to more people and the heightened stress which affects the immune system – I was very apprehensive about working this Christmas shopping season. I asked for help with protection from covid and energy to deal with the exceptionally draining circumstances. Dawn recounted the session to me conveying that she did not understand some of what she saw/experienced. The following is that part: She saw a red oval at my pelvic area. She worked that area until it became green in color and then moved on from there.

Soon after the Reiki session I had my yearly gynecological exam. I had an abnormal pap and returned for a colposcopy and biopsy. It confirmed that there is pre-cancer cell activity. I had not suspected any such issue and had not asked Dawn to attend to that part of my body. Her response to the movement of the session – her receptiveness to what came through even though it appeared unrelated to my request – is commendable and shows that she is being a pure “vessel or vehicle” for the healing energy; she doesn’t put strictures upon it and has no personal agenda which is essential for a healer.

I was able to handle the extremely difficult circumstances at work during December, maintained my health and energy – and sanity 😉 – and Dawn continues to work on my pelvic area.

I am most grateful to her for her ability and dedication to the healing arts. I recommend her highly!

Z Soule

Full Moon

To schedule an appointment with Place of Peace Visionary Reiki Dawn Pollock Please call: 719-689-3509 Thank you…

Published by peacepawz

I have fluttered about in several different but rather related industries searching for what is best for my soul purpose. Despite some physical set backs I have managed to graduate with honors and worked as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, as a Speech Language Assistant before exiting the formal work field. Then I started creating Candles and soaps and various other items as Rocky Path and loved doing that but it didn't really cover the bills enough. Several back surgeries later I'm still above ground and finding new ways to be of service to this planet. I have been told I could work as a healer with the ability I possess. Well that sounded great to me. So I embarked upon that journey, first towards Shamanic practice and eventually angling towards the Reiki energy healing that I found was a beautiful soul fit. I gained my First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner certificate the 23rd of Feb. 2020 and have used it constantly ever since. I find it is a informational art form with gifts that transcend what we think of as possible.

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