Benefits of Using the Gem Stone Rhodonite During a Reiki Session

I have found the delightful light pink stone with grey or black streaks in it to be one of my favorite, go to, gem stones now. The benefits stand out. There has been a significant difference in the power of my Holy Fire Reiki sessions from when I have used this lovely stone and when I was not using it.

I found that when I started using Rhodonite gem stone, my clients would mention how they felt a great sense of calm. It wasn’t that they didn’t feel this before from Reiki sessions, however, they seemed to have more emphasis upon the fact that their anxiety felt so much more released after the session. After a couple of reactions like this I felt it might be related to the use of this gem stone being able to help amplify energies inherent with the loving intent of Reiki focus.

I love using gem stones when I have a certain area or focus of Intent. With Reiki I will always ask for guidance and healing for a persons highest good and then follow it with an area of focus or intent. In so many cases a client will have a certain issue that they wish to address in particular. Spirit or (Universal life force) knows how best to heal for our greatest good, but to state the individuals area of intent is also important. I feel that we always want to be sensitive to an issue one is really wanting answers for. Spirit however, knows the deeper reasons why such issues have become issues to begin with and sometimes what may be a healing by Spirit may not feel like such to the individual. A person may feel as if their issue has been ignored when in fact the core reason is being worked on by Spirit. I hope that makes sense to you all. Sometimes our physical issues that we face are based in a traumatic core issue that Reiki Guides can locate and the use of gem stones does help to boost the loving energetic field in order to bring about healing perhaps in a swifter fashion than it other wise would have been able to have ignited. I have no proof for this, just my instincts and my own Reiki session data.

Reiki healing with the aide of Rhodonite gem stone
Rhodonite beads with Rose quartz beads next to them. Rose quartz are commonly used along with Rhodonite.
Reiki healing with the aide of Rhodonite gem stone

I liken this to when we have a certain energy about us when we exit a movie theater after watching a love story and we have this feel good energy, vs when we exit the theater after a horror film and we walk out relieved it wasn’t real and our energy is tense and a bit on edge. Our energies are influenced by emotions and scenes presented to us. Well, I think the same can be said with gem stones and the energies that they have and we are affected by them as well. Each gem stone has different attributes that speak to us in different ways and we can choose and select which ones can benefit us for whatever our needs may be at the time. I have just started my journey with gem stones and so far I’m enjoying the trip, and as your travel agent, suggest that you give them a whirl. I hope that your journey if you choose to step out upon it will be wonderous and delightful as well as healing.

Emotional, Spiritual Healing Properties.

You will find Rhodonite will help with anxiety, can bring a sense of calm and helps with heartache.

It’s good for the heart chakra. It promotes forgiveness and self love. Unconditional love.

It helps with clearing a persons self blame, self hate, self doubt.

Helps one to heal from trauma. Helps to release the trauma, emotional balancer.

Helps you be able to better respond in a more loving way in conflict situations because you are less stressed. It amplifies compassion and unity.

Helps one to better visualize their own inner gifts due to not being so hard on ones self. Allowing space to see your skills and abilities instead of focusing on your faults. A good mantra with this stone in hand would be : “I am allowed” or “I am protected”

Rhodonite beads

Physical properties of the Rhodonite Gem Stone

This gem stone is said to aide in reducing inflammation, hearing issues, stimulates fertility, helps with emphysema, auto immune issues, and stomach ulcers.

So when I have a client that has an intent in these areas I would definitely pull out this gem stone in my Reiki session to be an aide for their focus.

Zodiac = Tauras, Heart Chakra, Resonates or vibrates with the number 9, Planet = Venus, Colors range from: pink-red grey, brownish red with streaks of black or grey.

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I have fluttered about in several different but rather related industries searching for what is best for my soul purpose. Despite some physical set backs I have managed to graduate with honors and worked as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer, as a Speech Language Assistant before exiting the formal work field. Then I started creating Candles and soaps and various other items as Rocky Path and loved doing that but it didn't really cover the bills enough. Several back surgeries later I'm still above ground and finding new ways to be of service to this planet. I have been told I could work as a healer with the ability I possess. Well that sounded great to me. So I embarked upon that journey, first towards Shamanic practice and eventually angling towards the Reiki energy healing that I found was a beautiful soul fit. I gained my First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner certificate the 23rd of Feb. 2020 and have used it constantly ever since. I find it is a informational art form with gifts that transcend what we think of as possible.

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